Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weird Comic Wendesday Part Deux

Here was have the Idiot Three battling what looks like a large, peeved off Turkey.

Man, talking about scraping the bottom of the barrel! What, was the dreaded hamster busy that week?

Tell me...does this particular villain provoke strong narrative pull for the casual reader?

Does it make you want to pull it off the shelf and plop down a hard-earned .15 cents to the joy of seeing three, sub-tier super-heroes battle a large fowl??

What happens at the end? Do they sit down at a nicely appointed table and enjoy a tasty Thanksgiving meal? That would be just desserts....

And by the Great Beard of Zeus is the Green Lantern grinning moronically again??!! And he really needs to visit his tailor and get remeasured....those green slacks are looking a little baggy.....

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